Ultimate Pirate Tic Tac Toe


First team to get three of their letters (X or O) in a row on the major grid wins!


  1. Teams take turns throwing multiple darts at the board trying to close out individual Minor Grids nested in a Major Grid by getting three of their letters  in a row.
  2. You can only add a letter on one Minor Grid per successful hit. A successful hit is any hit within the grid region. After a grid is successfully hit it will be locked for the rest of your turn and you cannot hit that grid again.
  3. Steal a square by hitting a square that already has an opposing team’s letter.
  4. The more a square is stolen, the smaller the hittable area becomes. Hitting the white does not count. 
  5. Once a team closes a Minor Grid that team is awarded their letter on the Major Grid.
  6. The team that gets their three letters in a row on the Major Grid, wins