Pirate Tic Tac Toe Extreme

Krazy Darts Pirate Tic Tac Toe Game


Score points by completing 3 of your letters (X, O, Y, or Z) in a row on multiple grids. The team with the most round wins after a certain amount of rounds, wins!


  1. Teams take turns throwing multiple darts at the board trying to close out individual grids by getting three of their letters  in a row.
  2. You can only score on one grid per successful hit. A successful hit is any hit within the grid region. After a grid is successfully hit it will be locked for the rest of your turn and you cannot hit that grid again.
  3. Once a team closes a grid that grid is awarded to them.
  4. A round is completed when all grids are closed.
  5. A tie or “Cats Game” will result in no benefit for that grid for that round.
  6.  Steal a square by hitting a square that already has an opposing team’s letter.
  7. The more a square is stolen, the smaller the hittable area becomes. Hitting the white does not count.
  8. The team with the most points from closing grids at the end of the round wins!